These are poems we wrote inspired by words we have learned doing our podcast.

ARAM by Emily John Garcés

(episode four)

Sometimes when the ache in my feet floods up through my whole body 
I find the indentation in the furrow of my eyebrows 
And press tiny endless circles with my index finger
As if to screw the cap off a bottle 
To let the pain out 

You might not know that showing love is that simple 

I see you sometimes 
In the bank or the bus or the grocery store
And you catch the eye of me, a stranger 
And I know that you know 
That I’m concentrating all my strength 
On not reaching out a finger 
Like ET or Da Vinci 
To press tiny harmless circles between your eyebrows 
Turning the cap of a bottle 
To let your pain out

NOTHING AT ALL by Maggie Rowe

inspired by German words waldensemkeit and torchlusspanik (episode three)

He throws open a window somewhere
They say, after closing a door
Not true.
After He closes the door, He leans his Almighty weight against it
And when He shuts those Heavenly gates on that far off but quite near day
When Mercy strains and quits its pretty act
That whole dropping like some gentle rain in spring thing

When He looks at the books
Checks His notes and parts the sheep from the goats
When the game is up, the race is run
When all is said is done
That moment when before the heavenly host He gives up the Holy Ghost
When He says Depart from Me and Go
and pretends as I were just somebody He used to know

Those gates are closed forever.

Fear the Lord Your God.

Got it.

But once, on a lazy day
Wandering alone in the forest
Time spooled and pooled
spread with enough thread for a thousand dresses
Light dropped through the trees
I peeked through a window of leaves
and wondered if maybe
I’ve got nothing at all

a japanese view of love by Emily John Garcés

Inspired by the Japanese word wabi-sabi (episode two)

love is the cold kiss of the air
is the morning sun
and hearing the birds singing
though the night has been long

love is the yellow optimism of a dandelion
being cut back but coming up strong
staring unblinking into the eternal face
of its own clock

love is watching the birds on the lake building nests
carrying sticks over the shadow of the great fish
that waits for the splash of tiny feet

love is watching the worlds through a window
with so stained glass
mesmerized by the wabi sabi fact
that perfection is a beautiful illusion
and nothing is meant to last


Inspired by the Dutch word Niksen (episode one)
And John Bunyon’s classic A Pilgrim’s Progress, first published in Dutch in 1687.

Stop your progress.
The hill of difficulty and the valley of despair
will wait for you.
The slough of despond
The bog of loss
Are going nowhere

Halt. At ease.
Lay down your burden.
Your sack of discontent,
your striving rod
will be there when you return
Do not be afraid

Cease. Desist.
The celestial city you conjure
Can be conjured again
Your illusions will wait
to be taken up once more
For now, put down your heavy hope

Nothing happens next.

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