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There Should Be a Word for That

These are words Emily and I have minted. We hope to add words from our listeners. Please contact us here

Kapowerful: adjective.

A combination of powerful and “kapow.” Ex. “Girl, you do not need to be worried. You are kapowerful.”

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Schmutzkleina: noun.

A small task that if undertaken would make one’s life easier. Ex. “Organizing my desktop is a total schmutzkleina: if I just did it, I could work so much more efficiently.”

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Bovimity: noun.

The distance lives from the nearest cow. Ex. “Emily in Derbyshire has far higher bovimity than Maggie in Los Angeles.”

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Wooflthdt: verb.

To push through internal obstacles to reach a goal one has deemed worthy for oneself. Ex. “I woofthdt go to the gym.”

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Loomingloss: noun.

The special poignancy or gloss of an experience one knows is soon to end. “I must leave this lovely cabin in an hour. I am filled with loomingloss.”

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Sacred Flakery: noun.

A simple pleasure neglected in favor of the seemingly more sophisticated. “Paying attention makes you realize the sacred flakes of your life: the simple bowl of cornflakes, the well-fitting pair of jeans, the teeny tiny teacup moment between sleep and wake.”

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Sacred Flakery

Winblunder: noun.

A mistake with a hidden prize within. “Peanut butter accidentally dropping into chocolate is a famous winblunder.”

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Torchluspresence: noun.

Derived from the German torchlusspanik or “gate closing panic.” A special kind of attention provoked by the feeling of the gates of opportunity shutting. “As the graduation music played and I realized my university days were coming to an end, I was overcome by a sense of torchlusspresence and found myself noting every detail of the ceremony.”

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rain-newel: noun.

The feeling of cleansing after a recent rain.ex. “Walking around the damp neighborhood, I felt a sweet sense of rain-newel.”

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yuck yum: verb.

To express distaste for something another is enjoying. ex. “I was trying to express how much I loved the film, but he kept yuck-yumming me.”

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yuck yum

slink: noun.

A moment of a connection between two people in a group, a soul wink. ex. “We had slinks throughout the entire dinner party.”

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schaudenfriend: noun.

A friend who makes you feel better about your situation by comparison. ex. “When I things are going badly for me, I think, well, at least I have the opportunity to be a good schaduenfriend.”

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snoob: noun.

An awkward pause in conversation. ex. “The uncomfortable date was filled with one snoob after another.”

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